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Versuri That boy is ....


Maya-That boy is...

That boy is walking here be carful
what you do they say he's nothing
but trouble and not again. Were
meeting in perfection. my friends
with good attention.Boy you don't
walk away. Boy you must be crazy.
They don't see through these eyes
they don't feel baby's heart they
don't know what's right woh woh woh
Their not kissing these lips their not
touching my hips I feel the fire
fire in my heart I don't care
what they say I don't care what they do
Just think they will lock me up forever
try to stop loving you.
They tryed to keep Romio and Juliet apart
Baby doesn't mater
what they say I only listen to my heart.
Oh yah oh yah oh yaah.

Versuri That boy is ...., That boy is .... lyrics - de Maya

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